REDline’08_Bordering on Us

October 2008_Porto

Invitation to Partners / Call for proposals

This year’s edition of REDline is framed by the ideas of community, identity and representation. With a particular focus on the public space and public art, we aim to produce an exhibition counting with the presence of at least 20 artists / artworks. Even if not limiting ourselves to this idea, we will preferably accept work proposals dealing with the media of video and photography. We will host 5 artists (one per country) in residence here in Porto for a period of 2 weeks, granting them resources for the final stage of development of an artwork. We desire that this collective project can go beyond the borders of our gallery space out into the street, involving our neighbours and the city in a discussion on Public Space and Representation.

Bordering on Us is a project that wishes to produce a look on the strategies art has to occupy the public space and how it deals and relates with the passer by. Also, how is art, in its languages and processes, appropriated by power (political, economical, etc.) in processes of cultural definition and legitimization of its actions. Because it does not inhabit the protected space of the museum and has its grounds on a perpetually disputed territory, Public Art has been forced to choose different strategies in order to impose its presence. It is more often seen as a tool than as an end, reversely to what happens now in the fields of contemporary art. With this project we also aim to approach an understanding on how artistic creation is present in contemporary processes of identity representation, being those processes promoted by individuals, communities, governments or private enterprises. We feel that the concept of Public Space presently needs to be extended to the territories recently created by the new communication technologies. The blogosphere is rapidly affirming itself as a reference site for public discussion, being internet one of the largest and most inclusive forums ever created by mankind. We need to understand how we are starting to build landmarks in these spaces, lending our identity to them in proprietary actions.

Without giving away too much in our proposition, we wish to invite each partner to propose 3 artistic projects to be exhibited here and one artist to be present in a two week residence (in Porto) to be held between the 27th of September and the 12th of October 2008.

As stated before, the residence will be focused on the production of an artwork for which a previous research was already made and is already conceptually defined

We are open to questions and will gladly answer to any doubts that might arise from the reading of this document.

REDline’08_Bordering on Us

11th October - 9th November 2008

International Meeting of Contemporary Art

residence, exibitions, performance, debates

Receival of Proposals

(project descritpion, cv and other relevant information)

Deadline: 31th of July

Residence in Porto (one artist per country)

27th September to 12th October

Receival of the Artworks (3 representations per country)

15th July to 30th September

(deadline for sending: 20th of September)


Artistic Residence: travelling (low cost) and lodging costs paid by the organization

Transport of the artworks: paid by the organization in conexion with partners


IDEIAS EMERGENTES – Produção Cultural, CRL

Rua Santa Catarina, 777

4000-454 PORTO

T/F + 351 22 20 10 107